Interview with Arise Now: The Edgier Side of Fashion

      As of 2008, the brand and clothing company, Arise Now, have been advancing in the Phoenix market with their expressive, independent and raw designs. Founded by Scott Hanavan and friends, they incorporate a sense of unique individuality into their designs that gives a different perspective on life and society. “Our style is diversity of artistic expression,” said Hanavan. The clothing company is highly influenced and inspired by simply just “life”.

      Since Arise Now is not solely just a brand but also a company, they currently sponsor six other brands and designers. This includes: Badb Apparel, Biofuel, Crystal Bling, Herbavor, Hibouryoku, and Love Nul. Badb Apparel showcased their creations recently on the runway at Phoenix Fashion Week 2010 and the engaging show landed a feature on AZ Central. Even one of Arise Now’s edgy t-shirts relating to the controversial Proposition 203, regarding medical marijuana, was a popular circulating topic online and caught the attention of the Phoenix New Times, Fox 10 News, and KPHO CBS 5.

      Arise Now is currently doing its best to involve local talent and are always seeking more creative souls to join in their “collective positive movement” vibe.  

How did you come up with the name “Arise Now“?

SCOTT: The term came about while thinking about struggles and moving forward in our lives in a positive manner.

How did you start Arise Now and why was it created?

SCOTT: We started Arise Now not to only offer our own designs but to offer an online platform to artists looking for avenues to sell their products.

How did you start out as a designer?

SCOTT: It has been a life time passion. I am grateful to have the opportunity to move forward.

How would you describe Arise Now to people who are not familiar with the brand?

SCOTT: We are a group of like minded individuals who have a passion for art, design, and music. Arise Now currently works with various artists and we are seeking talented artists who share our vision.

What determines which designs are put out in the market? Can you explain the process to us?

SCOTT: We incorporate artists who create inspiration in the community. Both our artists and our customers shape the direction of the designs. We listen to feedback from both.

Based on your latest press coverage, does Arise Now aim to make apparel that reflects today’s current issues?

SCOTT: We aim to provide an artistic expression of our environment. We care about what is going on the world and our communities. We supported the marijuana initiative and wanted to help spread the word.

A majority of Arise Now’s products are printed tees. Do you guys plan on branching out and making other types of attire?

SCOTT: Yes, we will be offering more apparel such as hoodies, hats, and accessories soon! As we grow, we will incorporate more cut and sew products such as denim and women’s dresses.

What made you come to the decision to sponsor other brands/designers?

SCOTT: We seek artists that are artistically creative. Graphic artists, painters, and photographers are a few examples of skills that fit well for our vision.

What are your future plans for Arise Now?

SCOTT: We are focusing on investing in our online platform so that it is much more visually appealing while providing customers with greater diversity of choices. We are working on creating a customizable shopping experience. We are also creating a process that allows artists to track their sales real time so that there is financial transparency in our operation.

Arise Now gives their appreciation and thanks for all the things Phoenix Fashion Week and Brian Hill have done for them. We, at Phoenix Fashion Week thank you for continuing to support Phoenix Fashion Week and our goal of moving fashion forward in Arizona. For more information about Arise Now, please visit their website at!

Shop now at and mention the promo code PFW2011 or this article in the comment section and receive a free t-shirt with each purchase! *When purchasing, please mention size, color, and design for the free t-shirt.

Interview by Thuy An Bui for Phoenix Fashion Week

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