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Article by Erin Kennedy

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            When Brian Hill, Executive Director of Phoenix Fashion Week, founded the Fashion Arizona Meet-up Group in 2008, little did he know it would transform into the 754 member force it is today. But within two years, the group has proved to be a powerful and helpful part of Phoenix’s growing fashion industry.

            The Fashion Arizona Meet-up Group is run through www.meetup.com,  a website that allows people to network with various specific interest groups throughout the world. Made up of Arizona fashion industry insiders such as designers, stylists, models, photographers, bloggers, writers, agents, retailers and makeup artists, the Fashion Arizona Meet-up Group gets together at local venues from 7-9 pm on the second Thursday of every month. In 2010, events were hosted as locations including the Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix, R n R Restaurant & Lounge in Scottsdale, Pink House Boutique in Glendale, and Side Bar in Phoenix.

                                                                                                                                                                           “I l ike the variety of the Fashion Arizona Meet-ups,” Charmaine Guillory, a planner for the Fashion Arizona Meet-ups said. “One month the Meet-up might be at a local boutique with a designer trunk show, the next a fashion show at a local club. It’s never the same.”


       During the Meet-ups, group members from different areas of the fashion industry have the opportunity to network, forge new partnerships, listen to guest speakers, receive free giveaways, and purchase products.

            “Fashion Arizona Meet-ups are a great platform for networking,” Hill said. “Some people may want to start a clothing line, someone may have a boutique no one knows about, or some photographers may be looking for models. People have the chance to bring portfolios and exchange business cards so they can meet up with the right people.”

            In 2010, Hermann Plank, Phoenix Fashion Week advisor, assisted Hill with Meet-ups and brought in fashion insiders from outside businesses. For the Thursday, January 7, 2010 Meet-up, Plank asked Taryn Hipwell, creator of L.A. company EcoDivas TV, to educate the group on sustainable fashion and design.

            “Taryn gave team members ideas on how green can be incorporated in Phoenix fashion. People were able to mingle and discuss sustainability and fashion,” Plank said.   

            Although people can purchase fashion products at Fashion Arizona Meet-ups, the events do not only occur for sales. The Meet-ups allow individuals from various fashion specialties to broaden their networks in a short period of time and work with others in Arizona’s fashion industry.

            “Fashion Arizona Meet-ups have great synergy,” Plank said. “It is an incubator that brings products of different Phoenix designers together. It is a great springboard for young and upcoming people in fashion whether they be designers, photographers or stylists.”

            The Fashion Arizona Meet-up Group has already made a mark on Arizona’s fashion industry, but Hill has greater plans for 2011. A Meet-up staff of Lauren Pfingstag, Brenna Moses, Christina Ziegler and Guillory are actively pursuing partnerships, guest speakers, venues and workshops for the new year. Hill also plans to hit 1,000 members.

            “I want this to become more of a fashion force,” Hill said. “This is a place with no drama where you just come in and work your craft with zero dollar investment. Everyone comes in and really supports each other and what we all do.”  

Join Fashion Arizona Meet-up Group: Go to www.meetup.com/fashionarizona. Then click “Join us!” and create a Meet-up account.

Next Meet-up:

When: Thursday, January 13, 2011 from 7-9 PM

Where:  Firehouse Lounge

 4312 N Brown Ave.

Scottsdale AZ 85251


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