Emerging Model Signs with Top Agency

Working as a model in the fashion industry is not only incredibly challenging, but competitive. It requires passion, talent and hard work. Nick Koester possesses all of these qualities, but his journey has not been easy. Koester became interested in modeling after his freshman year in college and was working as a bouncer at a local club earlier this year when a photographer recognized that he had natural talent and suggested he pursue modeling. Koester was discovered at a model search for Phoenix Fashion Week in July.  Soon after, he began putting in time and energy modeling for small events and making connections. While attending events he learned how to present himself, explaining “you never know who will be there…smile at everybody.” Koester continued to work hard and caught the eye of Agency Arizona, a well established modeling agency, walking for them in Phoenix Fashion Week this year.

Koester was determined to be signed by a modeling agency and pursue his dream. He walked the catwalk in October during the nationally recognized Hispanic Women’s Conference, but most important, Nick shot the cover for Discover the Region Magazine, which prompted the FORD Robert Black agency to take a second look. They had previously turned him down.  As he expected, on November 15th, 2010, only one month after modeling at Phoenix Fashion Week, his dream became a reality.  Koester is now signed with FORD and loves the atmosphere, calling it a “big family.”

Although Koester has not had a chance to work with them yet, he is looking forward to modeling with his friends and grateful for the amazing opportunity to work with a top agency. “I want to do the best I can, work with all the great designers…Ralph Lauren, Dolce and Gabbana, and Calvin Klein…while traveling the world showcasing the greatest fashions in Milan, Japan, New York and more,” Koester said. He is also looking forward to the upcoming paychecks. However, he is sensible when detailing his purchases, “a new pair of shoes for networking and fittings,” but adds that in the future he would love to buy an SS Camaro “after everything is taken care of.”

Since Koester was an emerging model that worked his way up in the industry, he can relate to models hoping to make it big and get signed. He offered some advice, “all I can say is never give up on what you want and keep fighting for your dream. Just keep your head held high and go for it!” Koester said.

Be on the lookout for Nick Koester on runways and in fashion magazines near you.

If you know of a potential fashion model, send pictures to celestial@phoenixfashionweek.com

Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week.

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