Phoenix Fashion Week Welcomes the THREAD Show

This Sunday, December 12, 2010THREAD is coming to Phoenix for the first time to showcase  the best of independent and local designers. It’s an event where you can have more fun than shopping at the mall, but it still, definitely, includes shopping. Emerging designers will be selling clothes for women, men, and children for the holidays. So if you haven’t done your holiday shopping yet, this is not an event to miss! There will also be art, live music, drinks and snacks to make your shopping experience extraordinary. Phoenix Fashion Week had the wonderful opportunity to do a little Q & A interview with Danielle Gano, the PR spokesperson behind THREAD. She gave us her insight about these lovely shows and what Phoenix can expect to see this Sunday!

Tell us about how THREAD was created!

DG: THREAD was created by Lara Matthews 8 years ago, who moved to San Diego from Bristol, UK with a background in Event Planning. It actually all started in her backyard with a shopping party where tons of people showed up.

What is Lara’s story behind starting THREAD?

DG: When she moved out here, she met a lot of different creative designers and artists, but they lacked a business outlet. So she was inspired to start THREAD, giving them an opportunity to show their designs and talents.

How has it evolved since it began?

DG: We have had shows all around, and the amount of people who attended our events has been incredible, about 3,000 to 4,000.

What inspires the concepts and aspects for THREAD?

DG: So many phenomenal talents get involved. There are beautiful clothes, including clothes that are one of a kind too. They make things you’d never think of. There’s even a designer that makes wallets out of library books! The passion of the designers working with us inspires us.

There seems to be not just an emphasis on fashion, but also art and music. Why not specialize in just one category?

DG: We want to differentiate ourselves. The shopping is for fashion, but we also have art and music to make it a fun event. We want to present it in a way that anyone can feel welcome. There are some people who are attracted to the fashion aspect, but there are also those who aren’t, but will come for the art and music, and they’ll have a good time.

We noticed THREAD is very passionate about eco-friendliness too. Please elaborate!

DG: It’s very important and personal to us. Our office is actually eco-friendly. We like to encourage using eco-friendly resources and give extra exposure to designers who incorporate them into their work. Fashion is a good example of a product that uses natural resources, and it’s something that we need to promote to enhance sustainability awareness.

What does it take for a designer to be involved with THREAD? Do you look for a particular style?

DG: We always look for a variety! We welcome all sorts of designers but we look for a certain level of quality and what is currently in trend too. We’re open to collaborating.

Since THREAD is mainly based in California, why did you guys expand into Phoenix? Why Phoenix Fashion Week?

DG: There have been a few markets in Phoenix that we were interested in. We chose Phoenix first because of proximity. We wanted to work with Phoenix Fashion Week because of the designers involved, the branding, and the positive vibes. The core of the branding and sponsors is important to us.

What can the Phoenix crowd look forward to in the upcoming show this Sunday?

DG: The opportunity to shop their local designers for the holidays! Rather than heading to the mall, where it’s stuffy and boring, it’s a lot more fun to shop at our show. You get to meet with the designer one-on-one, have cocktails, do some wine tasting, look at the art exhibits and enjoy the DJ, while you shop.

Thank you so for doing an interview with Phoenix Fashion Week, Danielle! For more information on the event, please visit their website at

SPECIAL: If you RSVP for the event on the site, and mention Phoenix Fashion Week, you can save $5 on admission to The THREAD Show (half the full admission price)!

FREE: Don’t forget to leave a comment about this article here. You might win a free admission ticket!


IceHouse 429 West Jackson Street

Phoenix, AZ 85003-2409

(602) 257-8929

Article by Thuy An Bui for Phoenix Fashion Week.

THE resource for “All Things Fashionable”

  1. Yay!! I’m so glad THREAD is coming to Phoenix. And at such a cool venue Can’t wait!!!


    • Thank you for your comment!
      Congrats! You get a free admission to THREAD till 6 pm today!
      See you there!

      PHXFW team

  2. What a wonderful event! The wine tasting sounds like a marvelous thing to do whilst browsing for the perfect gift! Phoenix needs more of these events to showcase some of our local talent. I’m extremely excited to attend 😀

    • Thank you for your comment!
      Congrats! You get a free admission to THREAD till 6 pm today!
      See you there!!

    • Megan Kaslly
    • December 6th, 2010

    So Awesome! This is great that Phoenix has this event. Really important to nurture the fashion bugs in phx. Lara is a genius for creating this. There are designers here in AZ who have the passion, but they just lack the venue. Brilliant! I’m really looking forward to going. I hope i win the free ticket HINT HINT


    • Thank you for your comment!
      Congrats! You get a free admission to THREAD till 6 pm today!
      See you there!

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