PHXFW’s 2010 Platinum Sponsor: Splinter Creative

Phoenix Fashion Week is proud and delighted to have Splinter Creative as our Platinum Sponsor for our 6th Anniversary.

Those of you in the Fashionably Pink VIP room last night saw Splinter Creative’s video, and to all the attendees who saw all our signage—Splinter Creative provided all consultation and production for our PHXFW design team!

Since Splinter Creative’s establishment in 2006, it’s taken Phoenix by storm and become a powerhouse for all things marketable.

Splinter Creative received the award for Arizona’s Top Advertising Agency in 2009 and 2010. You’ve, no doubt, seen their work with Cruz Tequila, Carls’ Jr., Dos Gringos, KMLE Country 108, and other Phoenix giants.

From the start, Splinter Creative began as a fusion of creative ideas: part creative firm, part agency, part media producer. Though their core goals have remained the same, Splinter Creative has been able to successfully twist and turn with the media changes over the past four years.

“As media has evolved, so have we,” Brandon Cook, Owner and Operator, said. “At Splinter Creative, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve when it comes to methodology and execution […] It’s encouraging to be considered a leader in our field, and it can only be attributed to our efforts of creating in the sharpest, most cutting edge and innovative ways possible.”

In a digital age, everyone is struggling to find the best way to promote themselves or their brand.

‘Most [people] don’t realize the ability design has when solving problems,” Cook said. “Whether it be way-finding signage in your city or at your event, coming up with a cost effective way to design and produce custom packaging for your products, or integrating various web technologies to strengthen you overall presence, we continuously find ways to make it happen while meeting the needs of your brand.”

Splinter Creative passionately works to create the most effective products and personality for you, so you can worry about the other stuff.

Article by Emily Timm for Phoenix Fashion Week.

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