Part 5: Celestial Williams’ Tips for Luscious Lips

Hello All! This is Celestial Williams, Styling Director for Phoenix Fashion Week. This is part 5 of my 6 part series. Lips…there’s nothing sexier than beautiful, natural lips. Lips can make or break the final touch to your makeup. Here are some great tips to keep your pout perfect!


Photography by Tara Keator ::: Makeup by Celestial Williams


Luscious Lips

  1. First and foremost, you must start with smooth, soft lips. Make a paste out of sugar and water and very gently scrub your lips. Follow with your favorite lip balm for flake free, beautiful lips! But don’t over do it, once a week is plenty.
  2. Having a strong lip liner look is very passé! Try lining your pucker with a nude liner and then apply your lipstick. This will ensure your lipstick stays in place without any harsh liner looks. Another choice is to apply your lip liner all over the lips, blot and then apply a similar shade of lipstick over the top. This will give you a lipstick shade that will last for hours.
  3. When using gloss, apply your lipstick first and then dab a small amount of gloss on the bottom inner part of the lip only. This will prevent your lipstick from feathering onto your skin.
  4. If you have small lips, try wearing light or bright colors with shimmer. This will catch the light and they will appear larger. Please, please do not line the lips larger than they really are. Also, avoid dark colors; they’ll only make your lips appear smaller.
  5. For large lips, wear medium to light shades and avoid bright shades. They will make your lips look too large. When wearing gloss, try not to gloss the whole lip, apply a little in the center on top and on the bottom.
  6. For color that stays put, apply lipstick, blot with tissue and then reapply lipstick.

Celestial Williams

Styling Director- Phoenix Fashion Week

Celestial has been a professional makeup artist since 1996. She has worked with everyone from celebrities to brides to runway models. Her passion is helping everyday women feel empowered by looking their best.

Visit us often on the Style page! Where you’ll always find great tips, techniques and all the current trends for hair and makeup!

Meet and greet Celestial THIS WEEK at PHXFW’s FREE seminar.

PHXFW starts: 3 DAYS!

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