Make it Happen: From the Director

Greetings fashionistas, as you all probably know, one of my favorite parts of Phoenix Fashion Week is our focus on education.  Attending fashionable workshops, sitting in on fashion expert seminars, and doing a lot of research on the business of fashion is how we built Phoenix Fashion Week.  So, whenever I have the chance, I like to give back some of that knowledge to the next generation of fashion students.

This past Monday Liz Riley (our Director of Education) and I visited a fashion class at Phoenix College.  There were 50 or so fashion students in the class that thought they were about to take a test … let’s just say the students were happy to, instead, split up into two teams and challenged to build a successful brand of apparel from scratch.  The only rule was: “make it happen.”

The result of our little brand challenge was mind opening and inspiring.  Below is an e-mail from one of the students that participated in the brand challenge.

“Brian,  you are an incredible speaker and I wanted to thank you so very much for speaking to our class. It absolutely reached me. I have a masters degree in another field, to which I work full time, in addition to having two toddler-aged children. What I often don’t have, is time.

This is often why I used to put off what I really wanted to do. I have a strong desire to be a fashion stylist/designer and hearing your attitude about “make it happen” was exactly what I needed. I have the education and am continuing to further that in this specific field. I have the business sense and the right attitude, but what I need to do is just “make it happen”.

Just thought you should know what a difference it made for me to hear you. Again, thank you….you are truly inspiring! ”

Tawny M.- Fashion Student – Phoenix College

At the end of the day, we are all super busy and we all want to do it. In reality, all you have to do is “make it happen.”  So, are you making excuses or are you making it happen?  I bet Tawny will…

-Brian Hill
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  1. That’s so great, Brian! We’re glad to hear you had a successful week. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by our site and commenting, and your kind wishes!


  2. Hey there PHXFW

    We just wrapped up Detroit Fashion Week here in Michigan and had great designer showcases. We wish you guys the very best.

    Brian Heath, Producer DFW

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