Part 2: Celestial Williams’ Tips for Flawless Foundation

Hello All! This is Celestial Williams, Styling Director for Phoenix Fashion Week. This is part 2 of my 6 part series on having a flawless, beautiful face. Foundation is one of the most important and overlooked steps to a beautiful face. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be well on your way. Enjoy!

Flawless Foundation

Photography by Kristina Toddy ::: Makeup by Celestial Williams

For Normal Skin

  1. Use a good foundation primer. It will smooth out your skin, diminish pores and keep your foundation on longer. You’ll usually end up using less foundation if you have a good primer.
  2. You have many options for your foundation. You can use a liquid foundation, tinted moisturizer or just powder and concealer.
  3. Remember less is more. If you can get away with just a little tinted moisturizer and a touch of concealer…then do it!
  4. Stick with Talc free powder formulas, they don’t settle in fine lines.

For Dry Skin

  1. Use a good foundation primer. It will smooth out pores, uneven areas and make your foundation glide on effortlessly.
  2. Use a creamy or liquid foundation. Stay away from powders with talc; they create a drier looking skin. Blend foundation over entire face including eyelids and a little down the neck. Make sure that your under eye concealer is just slightly lighter than your foundation. Avoid the “raccoon eyed” look. For blemishes use a concealer that is the same shade as your foundation. Apply concealer over your foundation. If you apply concealer first, you’ll only wipe it off when you apply your foundation.
  3. For everyday, you don’t need to apply powder all over. For special occasions you can dust a no color or sheer translucent powder on the t-zone only. Add just a tad of powder with a small brush on the eyelids. This will help to keep your eye shadow on longer and provide a smoother working area.

For Oily Skin

  1. Use a matifying product on the areas of your face that become oily before noon. Then apply your foundation over the top.
  2. Try using an oil free foundation or tinted moisturizer. Try not to cover the entire face. Only use where needed. Make sure you have the right color. Oily skin tends to make foundation darker throughout the day.
  3. When using powder, stay away from mineral oil. A lot of popular powders have mineral oil as the first ingredient, which will make you break out. Try using an oil-free translucent or no color powder and a big brush. Colored powders can get darker and streak during the day.
  4. Use blotting papers to refresh your face, not more powder. It will only make your skin look cakey.
  5. When you have a blemish, don’t over use your foundation. Use a small nylon brush to conceal spots. If you don’t have a nylon brush, you can press and roll your concealer onto your unwanted friends to cover them right up. Then apply a small amount of powder over the concealer with the corner of a sponge or nylon brush.
  6. Don’t abuse your skin with powder. Apply sparingly. Let your skin breathe!

Celestial Williams

Styling Director- Phoenix Fashion Week

Celestial has been a professional makeup artist since 1996. She has worked with everyone from celebrities to brides to runway models. Her passion is helping everyday women feel empowered by looking their best.

Visit us often on the Style page! Where you’ll always find great tips, techniques and all the current trends for hair and makeup!

Meet and greet Celestial at PHXFW’s FREE seminar.

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