The University of Fashion

Phoenix Fashion Week will be here before you know it, so it seems fitting, (no pun intended) that we should kick off our Education Info with some updates on this year’s workshops. There are three days of workshops and a wealth of information, that’s all available to you free of charge.

The first day is devoted to letting you know what you need in order to start your fashion business. What you’re going to hear isn’t so much about what you’re learning in school, which is basic, but what it’s really like out there. You’ll be hearing from industry professionals. The presenters have experienced all the ins and outs of the business, and will give you tips on the best and worst things you can do.

The second day will revolve around how to succeed in the fashion business you’ve started. You’ll hear about what it takes to run a successful boutique, all about e-commerce in the fashion world and how to maximize your fashion illustration skills. Don’t forget to bring your sketchbook and pencils! It’s going to be hands-on.  After the workshops, there will be a special event where you can print what you’ve drawn onto fabric. Canon, one of Phoenix Fashion Week’s 2010 sponsors, has offered to invite attendees of this Fashion Illustration Workshop to their facility to check out their newest equipment.

Saturday will be all about the Next Level of Fashion: Outside the Box. We will be having a presentation about the Essentials of Styling, including hair, make-up and apparel. This will tell you what you need to know about creating the looks you want for photography, runway, TV and film, and P.A.s. This will be followed by a discussion regarding the growing importance and best use of Social Media for developing your fashion identity.

To close this year’s complimentary workshop series, there will be the always fun and popular Designers Round Table. This is a blast. A panel of designers and professionals from various facets of the fashion industry will sit down for a chat. It’s a candid discussion, and they will tell it like it is. You’re not going to want to miss this!

Please don’t forget to register for the workshop you want to attend. There is no charge, but we need to maintain a count in order to assure adequate seating. Just a click gets you in. How easy is that?!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Liz Riley,

Director of Education

Phoenix Fashion Week

  1. September 26th, 2010

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