Just Jane features Stop Staring! Fashions

Let’s take ourselves back to the 1940s in the city of Scottsdale, Arizona…

“Femme, fatale Jane” is a beautiful, sexy woman who uses her innocent persona to charm and manipulate men to do whatever she desires.

Her life takes a dangerous turn when a mysterious ex-lover wants to reunite and will not take no for an answer. A detective is hired to help Jane, but finds himself tangled in her complex love life. This goes to show—love is a dangerous thing.

Chante Trepte, producer of Fashion Cinema, always wanted to do a film noir. Film noir was one of her favorite genres to study at film school. Trepte then created the “stylized and slick” detective spoof, Just Jane.

To match the classic film noir style, she chose Alicia Estrada’s Stop Staring! dresses to cloth her alluring cast.

“I quickly realized that no other brand would do,” Trepte said. “Stop Staring! makes these beautiful, flirty, iconic styles that are straight out of the time period of a film noir, specifically the 40s and 50s.”

Trepte is excited to announce that Just Jane will be premiering during Stop Staring!’s fashion show at Phoenix Fashion Week October 7-9, 2010.

Buy your tickets at phoenixfashionweek.com today!

“Come see it! The entire cast is magical, and we just had so much fun making this film,” Trepte said. “There is nothing like seeing ‘pretty clothes’ on a big screen!”

Article by Chi-Lan Vuong for Phoenix Fashion Week.

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