PHXFW Emerging Models 2010


Yvette Martin

Yvette Martin works in strategic consulting at the Mayo Clinic. She was raised in the Valley, and loves working with PHXFW to watch how it’s growing. Yvette has modeled freelance for over seven years. “I model from the designer’s perspective,” Yvette said.


Mfon Akpaete

Mfon Akpaete is currently studying business administration and human resource management at DeVry University. She works as a teachers assistant at a private school for students with disabilities. When she’s not studying, teaching or modeling, Mfon loves to dance.


Yomaira Federico

Yomaira Federico is a student at Mesa Community College studying psychology. She currently works at Coco fashion studio in Yuma. Modeling is Yomaira’s forte, as she’s often described as shy outside of modeling but is known for her confidence and beauty on the runway and in front of the camera. Yomaira has always wanted to model wedding dresses.


Bernina Berber

Bernina Berber is a pre-med, life science major at Arizona State University. After she graduates, Bernina plans to go into plastic surgery at Scottsdale Health Care. Bernina and her father work and own an assistant living center in the Valley. Bernina loves to travel-especially in Europe!


Maureen Kana

Maureen Kana is currently working at First Choice Bank in Phoenix. Originally from Malaysia, Maureen loves spicey food and often misses the food from her home country. Outside of working and modeling, Maureen loves to bust out her vocal chords and sing some karaoke.


Cassie Brooks

Cassandra Brooks joins us in Phoenix from Ridgecrest, California. She’s planning on studying at Glendale Community College in the spring semester. Cassandra, a passionate photographer, not only loves to prove her talent in front of the camera, but also loves to shoot behind it. View Cassandra’s Photography on Facebook.


Gabrielle Greaves

Gabrielle Greaves is an Arizona born native studying at Glendale Community College. She majors in elementary education and hopes to be a kindergarten teacher when she graduates. When she’s not in class, Gabrielle is a cocktail server at Westgate. She’s been modeling since she was 17, and loves a good competition.


Tahlia Brookins

When Tahlia Brookins isn’t working at Sears, she’s at home playing with her 10 month old son and her fiancé’s kids. She’s been an aspiring model since she was 14 (some of you may recognize her from America’s next top model!). Tahlia was born and raised in Central Phoenix, and loves playing volleyball in her spare time.


Naomi Charles

Naomi Charles is starting her senior year at McClintock High School this fall, where she stars as one of the school’s producers for their news program. She’s looking into studying at Arizona State University as a psychology major. “I’m fascinated by the human mind!” Naomi said. Outside of modeling and school, Naomi loves photo and video editing.


Alexa Rohn

Alexa Rohn has been modeling since she was 17 (you may recognize Alexa Rohn from i Crave Fashion and other 2010 PHXFW events!). Alexa graduated from the University of Texas with her Bachelors in Science in Neurobiology. She now works as an assistant manager at Hollister in the Valley. Outside of modeling and work, Alexa loves practicing a form of polynesian fire dance called Poi.


Kayla Young

Kayla Young currently lives in Chandler, AZ and attends Perry High School. She sees herself as a funny, outgoing, and sometimes awkward girl. She loves to model. Her experience includes TV segments and Phoenix Fashion Week’s i CRAVE fashion shows. She is “stoked to do PHXFW” this year. Besides modeling, she plays the flute and participated in her school’s marching band.


Naomi Frey

Naomi Frey, from Peoria, AZ, is currently a freshman at Northern Arizona University. Although undecided, she aspires to apply her passions for fashion and helping others in her future career. This will be her 1st runway experience with PHXFW.


Stephanie Bitler

Stephanie Bitler currently attends Arizona State University pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. She was born in Taegu, South Korea and raised in Phoenix, AZ. Besides modeling, she loves to sing and dance. Fun fact: She was in the top 10 for Arizona Idol 2009!


Yosimi Cruz

Yosimi Cruz was born in Mexico and raised in Tuscon, AZ. Phoenix Fashion Week will be Yosimi Cruz’s first modeling event. Outside of modeling, she loves swimming and playing volleyball. She currently attends Pima Community College and will go to the University of Arizona to study Criminal Justice.


Kymberlee Smith

Kymberlee Smith, from California, loves her job being a music teacher, singer, and song writer. Modeling was something she recently decided to pursue. She looks forward to participating in Phoenix Fashion Week this year.


Elizabeth Zulema Rodriguez

Elizabeth Rodriguez from Litchfield, AZ attends the University of Arizona and studies Pre-Medicine. She loves children and hopes to become a pediatrician after she graduates. This will be her 1st runway experience. She is part Venezuelan and Mexican.


Mya Carlson

This will be year number 2 for miss Mya Carlson from Scottsdale, AZ. She loves doing track, basketball, and volleyball. She is also a student at Scottsdale Community College studying Hospitality.


Shantia Veney

Shantia Veney from Gig Harbor, Washington is a model with many talents. She currently attends Le Cordin Bleu College of Culinary Arts to become a chef. She is also a musician, artist, and photographer.


Tamerlin Kohnke

Tamerlin Kohnke, from Texas, modeled since she was 7 years old. This will be her 2nd year with Phoenix Fashion Week. She currently works for State Farm and works at Hollister part time. Her favorite fashion designer is Vera Wang.


Rachel Wilt

Rachel Wilt, from Chandler, AZ, currently studies Elementary/Special Education at Arizona State University. Her activities include life guarding, volunteering for the Special Olympics, and working at Hollister.


Gaby Rosales

Californian Gaby Rosales moved to the valley in winter 2004. She loves to eat. “If it smells good, I’ll eat it!” She also loves to work out, rock climb, snow board, surf, and run. She currently manages at Azhara in Scottsdale Fashion Square.


Chelsea Stacey

Chelsea Stacey starts her college experience this fall as a communications and psychology major at Arizona State University. She’s spent the summer life guarding and is ready to jump start her education. “I don’t just want to be a pretty face,” Chelsea said. “I have a background in pageants and public speaking. I love helping people, too.”


Taylor Eernisse

Taylor Eernisse is a senior at Highland High School. She plans on attending Arizona State University next year and majoring in engineering. “I love to model anything,” Taylor said. “Especially designers who love what they’re doing. If they put their own creative flare into their designs, I’ll do it too.”


Nick Koester

Although Nick Koester hates coffee, you’ll find he still has the most energy in the room. When he’s not modeling, Nick loves to work on his ’96 Chevy Z28 Camaro.


Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith joins us in Phoenix from Long Beach, California. He is working as a fraud analyst at Bank of America. Cameron found out about PHXFW through Model Mayhem. Cameron loves sports, especially football. San Fransisco 49ers, anyone?


Greg Peniston

Greg Peniston has been modeling for 12 years. Greg is a behavior coach for kids ages 5 to 17. When he’s not working or modeling, he loves to sing R&B around the city and make use of his artistic side by interior designing.


Thomas Baker

Thomas Baker will be attending the Art Institute of Phoenix in October where he will study Web Design or Advertising. He currently works with a friend distributing retail across the country. He’s a new model on the scene and is looking forward to trying out the runway at PHXFW this year. In his free time, Thomas loves to be outdoors and spending time with this three year old daughter.


Adel Belgaied

Adel Belgaied is a business and sustainability major at Arizona State University. He works at All Communications Network (ACN) in the Valley. This is Adel’s second year modeling with PHXFW (think i Crave Fashion and many other 2010 PHXFW events). “When it comes to Phoenix Fashion Week and modeling, I love to be involved in everything and anything,” Adel said.


Justin Current

Justin Current from Phoenix, AZ has been modeling for 2 years. This will be his first runway experience with PHXFW. His favorite type of food is anything his mom makes. He loves R&B music and is drawn to break-up songs.


Gavin Tucker

Gavin Tucker is a student at Grand Canyon University majoring in 3rd grade elementary education. He works in construction and grounds crew on campus and spends his free time playing baseball with the GCU team. “Where am I going to be in 10 years?” Tucker asked, “Successful! The only person that can stop me form achieving what I want in life is me.”

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