PHXFW & Fashion Cinema present: August 2010

Phoenix Fashion Week and Fashion Cinema present:


A Phoenix Fashion Week Story

Fashionistas are struggling to find jobs during the economic recession. Make up artists are working for the circus. Models are in the streets displaying, “Will work for fashion” signs. Designers and boutiques are closing down as the sales of big chain markets are on the rise.

As if the fashion gods can hear our cries, our very own PHXFW Director, Brian Hill, the “savior of fashion,” comes to the rescue.

Hill becomes the ray of hope for these fashionistas and produces a fashion show for them. Thanks to the show’s success, fashion and venue come back to life again.

“The Great Fashion Depression,” produced by 3 Chicks Production, is a story based on the rising success of Phoenix Fashion Week despite the recession.

The film takes place in modern day Phoenix, but it is created and designed with elements from the 1920s.

The film features PHXFW team members Celestial Williams, Jennifer O’Bannon and Herman Plank, as well as local Arizona models, designers and fashionistas.

A special pre-screening party will be held on August 26, 2010 at Urban 7 for selected guests.

If you would like to be a part of this fabulous red carpet event, please contact Shakirah Karim at to get on the list.

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