Welcome to Fashion U

Welcome to the first edition of the Fashion U newsletter!

I’m Liz Riley, Director of Education for Phoenix Fashion Week.

As the fashion industry is growing here in Arizona, we at Phoenix Fashion Week have decided to share with you what we know, who we know and what they’re up to in the Fashion Education Community.

As you may have heard, Phoenix Fashion Week’s workshops and seminars have become increasingly popular. Last year, overall attendance grew 300%—an eclectic mix of designers, manufacturers, retailers, educators, and students. This year, we have, once again, lined up some presenters who are major authorities in their areas of expertise.

For example, we’ll be starting off with Frances Harder, President and Founder of Fashion Business Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the businesses of industry professionals. Ms. Harder speaks internationally, and has authored several books on the industry including one of our favorites, “Fashion for Profit.” She will be discussing how to begin your fashion business, and about branding.

I’m convinced there’s no one more knowledgeable about the world of retail, buying services and strategic planning for retail than Mercedes Gonzalez, CEO of Global Purchasing Group, a New York based buying office. Global Purchasing Group serves as the buyer for many of the largest and most important retailers in the country.

    This year, we’re including a topic that’s new for us, but a very important part of the success of today’s businesses: Social Networking. We’re excited to welcome Todd Herschberg to our roster. You may know Mr. Herschberg, from his Linkedin Fashion Group. He will explain the importance of social networking in the fashion industry.

    You definitely won’t want to miss our Designer’s Roundtable, a candid discussion among a panel of successful industry professionals. Their insights will prove to be extremely valuable to the success of your career.

    We’ll talk more about our workshops as we get closer to the show, October 7-9.

    As we go forward, we’ll also be talking about what’s going on in the Education Community.

    If you are a student or educator and would like to let us know about your school’s upcoming fashion event, please feel free to let me know so we can share it.

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