SJ Couture for the Bride to Be

“Here comes the bride, all dressed in white,” is a tune every little girl can giddily recite from the first moment she discovers the magic in weddings and marriage. While every little girl grows up envisioning their perfect wedding, every woman knows the real magic is in the perfect wedding dress.

Women today can choose from high-end designers to local bridal boutiques. But here in Phoenix, there’s one line of bridal couture that separates itself from all others, drawing its inspiration from the elements in an English garden.

“The dream of creating a wedding gown that was unique and different,” Sim and Jeanne Hankerson, Designers of SJ Couture, said about what inspired them to create a bridal line.

The line can be described as exquisite, luxurious and whimsical, offering any type of bride, traditional and non-traditional, their dream wedding gown on the  special day.

Though SJ Couture is still young to the fashion world, its daring and creative designers know exactly the type of women who are made for SJ Couture.

“An independent, confident woman who embraces her femininity” is the ultimate SJ Couture bride, according to the Hankersons.

While the Hankersons speculate on expanding into fine bridal footwear, they plan on increasing development to a more global scale. Fashion meccas, like New York and Paris, will soon be seeing SJ Couture in their storefronts. For now, though, the excitement of debuting at this year’s Phoenix Fashion Week will prove possibilities of future fashion weeks to come.

You will be able to meet Sim and Jeanne Hankerson and experience their collection on the emerging designer runway during Phoenix Fashion Week, October 7 – 9, 2010.

Article written by Jacqueline Valle for Phoenix Fashion Week.

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