Letter From the Editor: New Publishing Schedule for PHXFW

To our dedicated fashionistas,

As Phoenix Fashion Week approaches, we at PHXFW are skillfully working, packing, styling and learning 24/7 in order to organize the most memorable fashion week thus far.

My job, and the job of our wonderful PHXFW writers and staff, is to make sure YOU are in the know about what PHXFW is doing around the state leading up to the big event.

Starting today, PHXFW WordPress has a new schedule:

  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, PHXFW will publish articles related to this year’s emerging and established designers, sponsors and events.
  • Thursdays, PHXFW will publish articles by our Style team detailing the newest trends and styles right now.
  • Saturdays, PHXFW’s Designers and Buyers and PHXFW’s Education team will publish the latest information and tips to those working in the fashion world.
  • Sundays, PHXFW’s Executive Director, Brian Hill, will add to his page, “Our Director.”

If you’re not subscribed to PHXFW yet, look to the right column of any page and click, “I want more PHXFW!” to get email notifications when new articles are published.

Also coming soon: PHXFW’s emerging model list!

Stay beautiful, our fashion savvy readers,


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