Fashion Cinema Merges Fashion, Film and TV

Producer of 3 Chicks Production, Chante Trepte, has been envisioning the concept of merging fashion, TV and film since she was in film school, but she didn’t know how to get started.

Just recently, Trepte created a strategy to make it all happen—Fashion Cinema.

Trepte had previous experiences producing a fashion talk show in Kauai, HI called Fashion Cafe and later producing short films featuring local Arizona designers. Though, however large her preceding accomplishments, she was frustrated with her progress and strived to produce something bigger.

She recently approached Phoenix Fashion Week director, Brian Hill, with a personal film idea to pitch to the networks. Trepte’s idea tells the story of The Great Fashion Depression. Hill instantly fell in love with the idea and jumped on the opportunity to collaborate with Trepte.

In April, Fashion Cinema officially began.

Chante’s film, “The Great Fashion Depression,” will be released during Phoenix Fashion Week at the W Scottsdale this year.

“This is the beginning of the beginning!” Trepte enthusiastically stated.

Fashion Cinema’s next project is a detective film featuring fashions from Stop Staring! and Just Jane boutique. Trepte eventually plans to pitch Fashion Cinema as a TV show to the networks.

“Fashion has been something that I wanted to do forever,” Trepte said. “I decided that this was unique and different enough, and the timing was right.”

Will Phoenix Fashion Week also be in her future plans?

“Even when I’m famous and living in LA and New York doing my own thing, I will always, always come back for Brian,” Trepte jokingly stated. “He’s such a visionary and is someone who has these big dreams and makes them happen. What Phoenix Fashion Week has done the last 6 years is incredible. So I would love to work with him again.”

You will be able to meet Chante Trepte and view The Great Fashion Depression during Phoenix Fashion Week October 7th-9th, 2010.

A special private screening of the movie will be held in the end of August for selected guests. Please contact Shakirah Karim at to get on the list to attend this red carpet event.

Article written by Chi-Lan Vuong for Phoenix Fashion Week.

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