Celestial Williams’ Top 10 Tips for doing your best at any Model Casting

1. Clothing.

You want to show them your figure. Wear something that hugs your body. A few great choices are: skinny jeans with heels and a tank top (pick a color that makes your skin look beautiful), form fitting dress, skirt or shorts with form fitting top with heels. The idea is to wear something flattering that shows off your figure. Stay away from anything flowing. Don’t be too revealing. Make sure you walk in your outfit at home to make sure you don’t have to adjust anything when you’re walking down the runway. Guys, wear slim pants/jeans and a fitted shirt.

2. Heels.

If you know you’re going to be nervous, try wearing wedges instead of heels, you’ll feel sturdier when you walk. It’s very important that you show you’re confident!

3. Perfect your walk.

Watch a few high end fashion shows online to see how they walk and copy their models! Have a friend or family member watch you. Sometimes you’re doing something and you don’t even realize it. Your walk should be smooth. Don’t trot—you’re not a horse, you’re a model. Walk with one foot in front of the other, but don’t over do it. If done right, your walk will look effortless. Also, don’t swing your arms too much. Photographers are taking your photo all the way down the runway. If your arms are swinging too much, sometimes it will look like you have one arm. Don’t be too stiff, but watch your posture. Sometimes when models are nervous or excited, they tend to walk way too fast. Make sure you have a nice stride.

4. End of the runway.

When you get to the end of the runway, make eye contact with the photographer and only the photographer. The media is always who you want to focus on. The whole time you’re walking down the runway you should always be looking at the media. Stay at the end of the runway for a good 4 seconds so he can get the shot. Be confident!!!!!! Square up to the photographer, not the audience watching you. If there’s not a photographer at the casting…square up facing forward, like at a real show.

5. No Caffeine.

Relax and don’t be nervous. Drinking caffeine or energy drinks before a casting is never good. It will just make matters worse if you’re even slightly nervous.

6. Hair and Makeup.

Makeup should be natural, but defined. Not too much, but enough to enhance what you’ve got.

7. Bring Comp Card, Portfolio or Photos.

It is EXTREMELY  important that you remember to bring your photo! If you don’t have a comp card or portfolio yet, bring a head shot and a full body shot. They don’t have to be professional if you’re just starting out. Make sure you put your name, contact information, measurements and height on the back of each photo. At the end of the casting, photos are laid out so the judges can remember who they saw. If you don’t bring a photo…it’s likely the judges won’t even let you audition. If you’re filling anything out by hand, make sure it’s very neat!

8. Confidence.

Models that get booked all have one thing in common. They are all confident.

9. Appearance.

Make sure you take good care of yourself. Exercise regularly to stay toned. Eat right. Drink lots of water. Whiten your teeth (store brought brands work great). Take good care of your skin, not only your face, but also your body. Keep your hair trimmed and in good condition.

10. Attitude.

Have a positive attitude! Even if you’re waiting for an hour before it’s your turn! Always be gracious, polite, respectful and professional no matter what! Smile and be pleasant. It will get you far.

Celestial Williams has been a Styling Director at Phoenix Fashion Week since 2009. Some of her favorite things in life are family, friendship, fashion and good food. Outside of PHXFW, Celestial owns Celestial Makeup Artistry, models for Ford/RBA and loves playing with her 3 kids and husband. For more info on Celestial and Celestial Makeup Artistry, visit her website.

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