Stop Staring! Is Back for More PHXFW

Since Stop Staring! received such amazing feedback from Phoenix Fashion Week 2009, we at PHXFW gave designer Alicia Estrada no choice but to participate in this year’s Spring Into Fashion event.

“The women of Phoenix appreciate classy vintage inspired dresses,” Estrada said.

Film noir of the 1940s and 50s inspires Stop Staring! designs. Estrada adores the elegant and classy starlets, and wants to reflect the timeless era of Glamour into her pieces. Estrada’s dresses are known for their great quality at affordable prices for every woman in every size.

“Women love Stop Staring! dresses because you feel beautiful, and empowered by the sexy styles,” Estrada said.

A number of today’s sexy starlets can be seen wearing her stunning dresses. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Ashley Greene and Rihanna are just the few devoted fans of Stop Staring!. Recently, Estrada has been filling requests from Audrina Patridge from the OC, the Hills and Gretchen Rossi from Housewives of Orange Country.

Even I could not resist buying one of her dresses! Her dresses flatter the body and make you feel so sexy and beautiful. I felt like the center of attention because no one else had a dress like mine. People literally couldn’t Stop Staring! (pun intended!).

Currently, Estrada is working on her Fall/Holiday 2010 collection. Estrada says to look forward to “sexy power suits and sexy cocktail dresses” that can be worn for work and play.

Stop Staring! shoes and purses are also coming soon.

Check out her latest collection on her website or visit their showroom located in Paramount, California.

Article written by Chi-Lan Vuong for Phoenix Fashion Week

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