Bella Bijoux Jewlery

The women behind Bella Bijoux have always had keen eyes for design. With Kelly Kral’s background in interior design and Mary Farag’s background as a graphic designer; both had the right skills to put together their own lines of jewelry.

Eight years ago, Kral began designing her own jewelry just for fun. She decided last year to start her own business and began making her designs for the public.

The two friends helped each other out by sharing information about events and opportunities that would be helpful to their careers in jewelry design. Realizing that they essentially had the same goals, they decided to merge. Together they created Bella Bijoux (Bella meaning “beautiful” in Italian, and Bijoux being the French derivative for “jewelry”), the parent company to their two unique yet breath taking lines of jewelry accessories.

Bella Bijoux consists of many different pieces such as: earrings, bracelets and necklaces, which appeal to all demographics, including men.

Many of Farag’s designs are made with elements such as Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones and 14-k gold, bringing a dressy, formal look to the company.

“I’m working on very casual wear, but my nitch is definitely evening wear,” Farag said in a phone interview.

Kral’s pieces are more casual. She has a wide range of pieces that are made with materials such as metal wires, silver and gold.

“I like to use more natural materials and even some things that you wouldn’t expect to see on jewelry, such as leather,” said Kral in a conference interview with Farag.

You can meet Mary Farag and Kelly Kral along with the designs of Bella Bijoux at Phoenix Fashion Week, Oct. 1-3, 2009.

Article written by Danelle Benton-Smith for Phoenix Fashion Week.

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