Black Russian Label: Redefining the Face of Fashion

Joanna de’Shay is an emerging designer with strong wind at her back and an eye for direction.

With a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and soon a second Master’s in Fashion Design, de’Shay’s dream to drive her design company, Black Russian Label, into flagship storefronts in London, New York and Paris is one we foresee coming to life in the near future.

Joanna de’Shay

Black Russian Label’s Spring/Summer 2010 Collection is titled “Salute to Denim.”

“Salute to Denim” is inspired by military uniforms from around the world, and features 100% denim designs accented with leather and zipper detail. The label has a design aesthetic that will make women feel beautiful while still saving comfort. All Black Russian’s denim is designed to fit women’s natural curves.

de’Shay feels that designers should attribute their collections to the consumers needs.

“See, it’s not about being a character, but more about creating a product that women need and want,” de’Shay said in a phone interview.  “Your clothes have to fill a need in the marketplace and say to a woman, ‘I am listening and I hear what you need.’”

de’Shay sets herself and Black Russian apart from other designers because of one key asset: she isn’t concerned with trends or hoping on the most popular design bandwagon. de’Shay is unique in her sense of style and radiates it in her collection.

“The thing I love about fashion is that it allows you to be whomever you choose to be for that occasion,” de’Shay said.  “So my style is completely contingent on my mood.”

You will be able to meet Joanna de’Shay and experience her collection on the runway during Phoenix Fashion Week, October 1 – 3, 2009.

Article written by Jacqueline Valle for Phoenix Fashion Week.

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