Get Angry With Fashion

The Angry One, an emerging line designed by Stacey LaPlante, empowers young women and men to demand respect from others through graphic tees.

The Angry One is about expressing one’s anger in a productive way.  The idea is to help people resolve their issues by showing their feelings and thoughts to the rest of the world.

“When you actually use your anger to do something positive and try to resolve an issue, you empower yourself to bring about a change,” LaPlante said in a phone interview.  “That is a very powerful thing; to use your anger in a way to change the situation.”

When the line started, it operated around card designs. Yet, as the company grew, The Angry One added clothes printing to the mix, giving people a more expressive and less abrasive way to display their feelings.

LaPlante took her own personal experiences and created a forum were anyone can say what’s on their mind, either through card or graphic tee.

LaPlante also created a line of shirts highlighting different causes, like cancer and the recession.

The Angry One’s Kicking Cancer’s Ass line is inspired by one of LaPlante’s close friends who is dealing with throat cancer. While he was recovering from surgery, he was unable to speak—sparking an idea for a new tshirt. Stacey not only wanted to cheer him up, but she also wanted to remind him of his own inner strength; she designed a shirt that said “can’t talk now, kicking cancers ass.”

She is hoping to be able to give some of her line’s profits to fund cancer research and help give back a voice to the silent.

The Angry One is not your typical clothing line. It’s an instrument of empowerment for women and men.  It is a collection of catalysts, persuading people to find their courage and show the world who is inside.  Through The Angry One, people learn to move on through the mode of fashion.

You will be able to meet Stacey LaPlante and experience The Angry One at Phoenix Fashion Week, October 1 – 3, 2009.

Article written by Sarah Fein for Phoenix Fashion Week.

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