Briana Linea: a Strong Fashion Line

Ever since she was in grade school, Briana Linea has been drawing pictures of dresses and collecting magazine clippings of her favorite fashions.

Little did she know, on Christmas day in 2006, Santa gifted her a special present that changed her life—a sewing machine.

She didn’t waste any time, creating her first dress that very night. From then on her talent in design has gotten the interests of multiple clients.

Briana was always interested in acting and modeling, but the idea of becoming a fashion designer suited her best. Briana recently started her company in July of 2009, naming it Briana Linea, her first name and her middle name.

“Briana means strong-willed,” Briana said in an email interview.  “Linea means a line of fashion in Italian. Thus, we have Briana Linea, a strong fashion line.”

She has been presenting her newest clothing line, The Little Black Dresses, at numerous fashion shows and selling her garments, colorful silk scarves, and jewelry collection to Arizona boutiques, online stores, and her website.

Her Little Black Dresses are carefully constructed and made with 100% silk material with bows and crystals to add to the classy and funky appeal. She believes that every woman needs to own a little black dress.

Briana Linea is designed to make women of all sizes feel comfortable throughout the day. Briana creates her designs with a vision to project true beauty and confidence in the consumer.

In the next year, she plans to sell her Little Black Dresses to Arizona’s neighboring states, and eventually, across the United States. She hopes to one day expand to China, Italy, Paris, etc. and become an international designer.

“No matter what I do, it will be professional, classy, and excellent quality, treating my customers with respect,” Briana said.

Briana Linea is looking forward to being at Phoenix Fashion Week. She’s excited to “meet so many great people in the industry [and have] the opportunity for the community to own pieces of the Briana Linea collection.”

You will be able to meet Briana Linea and experience her Little Black Dresses on the runway during Phoenix Fashion Week, October 1-3, 2009.

Article written by Chi-Lan Vuong for Phoenix Fashion Week.

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