Paul Lee Hazlett Exclusives

Pinning rags together to construct dresses for his sister’s Barbie dolls was just the beginning for Paul Lee Hazlett.

His dream to pursue a life as a recognized designer has long been Hazlett’s motivation. Now, 25 years after his accomplishment—finishing school at Barbizon Modeling—Hazlett will launch his collection at Phoenix Fashion Week, setting a milestone for himself as an emerging designer.

Hazlett’s youthful interest in fashion grew into a fierce passion, bringing him first to Detroit, where he produced fashion shows and benefit shows. A number of which included: East & West Valley Bridal Expos, Rock N Roll for Charity, Melrose Art Fair Fashion Show and Generations of Beauty for Epilepsy.

Now in Phoenix, it has been a long journey for Hazlett.  Though, his travel destination remains untouched.

“My goals have always been the same,” Hazlett said.  “To design and sell and make [my] name known.”

Hazlett’s collection is mainly composed of beautiful, flattering dresses, from couture to beaded evening gowns—beaded being his favorite part.  Experiencing new fabrics and seeing new, fun beads ignites Hazlett’s most inner, fervent designer, giving him the inspiration he needs to add dresses to his already impressive collection.

In his newest collection, Hazlett incorporates his favorite accessory, beads, into his nature inspired designs.

“[I’m most excited to meet] new people of all backgrounds, exposure, competition, and recognition [at Phoenix Fashion Week],” Hazlett said in a phone interview.

Also, Hazlett is excited about Brian Hill’s idea of “bridging the gap” between boutiques and designers—a definite benefit for Hazlett and his line.

As we anxiously await Hazlett’s presence and his collection at Phoenix Fashion Week this year, no one is more excited than Hazlett himself, in which he promises to bring a “bang out fashion show”.

You will be able to meet Paul Lee Hazlett and experience his collection on the runway during Phoenix Fashion Week, October 1-3, 2009.

Article written by Eric Lomahaptewa for Phoenix Fashion Week.

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